Vegan Bento No. 1 | Teriyaki Veggie Bento

My bento-making has been on a bit of a back burner for a while, but I recently took it up again on a somewhat regular basis. The challenge this time is to make vegan bentos, which take a bit more thought for me as I can no longer rely on my past bento standbys such as shaped eggs, tortilla omelet or little meatballs...

My recent bentos have also been more Japanese-inspired than before, and a big help in this regard have been Makiko Itoh´s Just Bento Cookbook as well as her recipe sites Just Bento and Just Hungry.


This first bento consists on:
~ Japanese white rice with (heirloom) carrot-sesame furikake
~ Sauteed mushrooms, onion and (heirloom) carrot in teriyaki sauce
~ Yellow pepper kinpira*
~ Pickled ginger

Not to bad for a first try in ages, if I do say so myself :-)

* Just Bento Cookbook recipe

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