Leftover remakes - part I

I'm sure everybody is familiar with this: you have some ingredients that are getting close to their best-by date that you don't want to throw out or you cooked too much food for a single meal and don't want to eat the same dish twice.
In fact, many of my recipe finds originated from having one or more ingredients that needed to be used on short notice so I wouldn't have to throw them away. (you'd be amazed how much food we throw out each year - it's a disgrace that there is still such a thing as world hunger)

Here are some tips and ideas to revamp leftovers:

boiled potatoes:
- slice them or cut them up in chunks and panfry them for a nice side dish.
- cut them into small pieces and make a Spanish tortilla.
- make an Indian-style potato curry.
- cook them with spices, beans and chopped onion, like in this recipe.
- use them to make a nice potato salad.

- make small burgers, lightly coat them in some flour and panfry them. They are nice warm, or cold in your lunch box.

- this cake was a big hit among my colleagues.

- make a pasta salad for lunch the next day.
- mix with your favorite pasta sauce, put into a casserole dish, cover with bechamel sauce and/or grated cheese, and cook in the oven for approx. 25-30 mins.
- mix with beaten egg and chopped veggies to cook a frittata.

- bake an apple pie or make some apple sauce/compote.
- put into the blender for a nice smoothie or shake to start off your day.
- make this awesome cake with overripe bananas.
- use blueberries in muffins or pancakes.
- make your own fruit jam.
- cut up different fruits for a fruit salad, and eat at lunch or as dessert after dinner.

- make a pasta sauce with chopped tomatoes and whatever stray veggies you find lurking in the fridge.
- a stirfry is perfect for using up an array of veggies.

- bake a cake or cupcakes (you'll even score bonus points with friends and family if you share with them :) ).
- fry an omelet (with or without filling) for breakfast or lunch.
- make scrambled eggs for breakfast.
- chop up boiled eggs and mix with a bit of mayonaise and seasoning for an egg salad.
- have some last-minute entertaining to do? Make devilled eggs!

- french toast for breakfast - YUM!
- classic British bread 'n butter pudding.
- make croutons to use as topping on soup or salad.
- make a toasted sandwich/panini with a filling of your choice.
- blitz in the food processor to make your own bread crumbs.

I admit, many of the above suggestions are well-known. But a reminder every now and then doesn't hurt, does it??

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