Pasta salad

I'm somewhat OCD at times, meaning something catches my interest and I tend to go a bit overboard in my enthusiasm... Case in point? Bento boxes. Twilight fanfiction. Robert Pattinson ~sigh~ . 'Quick'-sneakers. (Honestly, I could go on for quite a while...)

My latest 'thing'? Pasta salads.

Personally, I usually prefer warm foods over cold dishes (like salads) and I used to be a firm believer that pasta, rice, couscous etc should ALWAYS be eaten warm. Lately, I've slowly come around and have had to admit to myself that sometimes they actually taste pretty good cold!

In the past I did not come up with anything other than cold pasta, some chopped up sundried tomatoes, a few capers, a drizzle of olive oilk and a sprinkling of roasted pine nuts. Tasty, but not very imaginative.
Fortunately, we recently moved to another building at work, and there is a great restaurant which offers great inspiration for things to try at home.

Just to be clear, the suggestions below are ideas I haven't actually tried out myself yet and I have mercilessly plagiarized them from the chefs at work :)

* buckwheat noodles, marinated chicken breast, sauteed chopped veggies (onion, carrot, cabbage etc) and soy sauce. Would taste great hot, but who would have though it would be this tasty cold??
* penne, pieces of smoked chicken, chopped peppers (red, yellow and green) tossed with curry mayonaise.
* pasta with sauteed mushrooms.
* fussili tossed with fresh pesto and roasted veggies (eggplant, pepper, courgette).
* farfalle with fresh pesto, pieces of chicken breast, cubes of courgette, rocket leaves and grated parmesan cheese.  

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