Ode to potatoes

I ADORE potatoes.

Truly, that doesn't even cover it. There aren't enough words to express my utter love for anything potato.

My greatest temptations, snack-wise, are chips/fries and crisps/chips. And you could wake me up in the middle of the night for war-style fries ('Patatje Oorlog' a.k.a. fries with mayonaise and peanut sauce) or Pringles Hot & Spicy chips.

They are so incredibly versatile:
you can subject them to any type of cooking method
boiling; steaming; pan-frying; deep-frying; roasting (in the oven); mashing; baking ('poffen'); scalloped / au gratin - you name it!

you can cut them up in all shapes and sizes
wedges; fries (thin and crispy or thick and yummy); slices; cubes; a la parisienne ('krieltjes'); tater tots / croquettes; hash browns / rösti (grated); dumplings / gnocchi etc.

you can use them is all sorts of dishes
curries; as a side dish (boiled / fried / steamed / mashed / roasted); mixed with veggies ('stamppot'); in salads etc.

you can eat them at all hours of the day
for breakfast (hash browns); for lunch (salad); as a snack (crisps); for dinner (meat, veg and potatoes).

Some of my favourite potato dishes?
- I already mentioned thick fries with mayonaise and peanut sauce - YUM!
- tortilla omelet is a nice Summer dish with salad and garlic bread.
- just one of the many versions of potato curry. (I had the most amazing dry curry in a Nepalese restaurant - too bad I haven't been able to replicate it so far!)
- classic potato salad. I'm sticking with store-bought for now since I haven't found the perfect recipe yet...
- at work they served these delicious salads: roasted Roseval wedges (skin-on) with rocket, sun-dried tomatoes and olive oil and roasted Roseval wedges with sauteed mushrooms, olive oil and rocket.
- potatoes and beans with massala curry powder - perfect Surinamese side dish.
- scalloped potatoes (au gratin), not very healthy with all that cream but very tasty!

... and I'm sure there will be more to follow.

*pictures from Wikipedia

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