Roti (Hindustani flat bread)

What you need (6-7 rotis):
500g wheat flour
125g white bread mix
500ml tepid water
300g extra flour
Pinch of salt
Sunflower oil

Put 500g flour in a bowl and make w hole in the middle. Add the bread mix, salt and water and mix (the mixture is still sticky at this stage). Knead for 5-10 mins and add extra flour if necessary to make a dry, elastic dough. Cover the bowl and let the dough rise for 15 mins.
Divide the dough into 6-7 egg-size balls and press them flat. Using a rolling pin, roll each ball into flat bread of approx. 25cm diameter.
Thoroughly heat a large skillet and lower the heat when the pan is hot. Put a flat bread in the dry pan and brush oil on the pancake. Turn the flat bread and brush with oil again. Repeat twice more and put the flat bread on a paper towel covered plate and cover with a clean towel to prevent them from drying out. Cook the rest of the flat breads the same way.
Serve the rotis warm with chicken massala and potato & beans.

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