Grandma's soup

I have very fond memories of this soup. My grandma often used to make this on the weekends or for family get-togethers such as birthdays when a lot of family members would stay for dinner.
And I'm proud to say, that after having been her son-in-law for nearly 40 years, my dad finally managed to make this soup taste nearly as good as my grandma :-)

What you need (for 1,5l):
200g beef for stews, cut in small cubes.
200g ground beef
1 bag of ready-chopped soup vegetables*
2 nests of vermicelli noodles
4 beef stock cubes.
1,5l water.
Maggi seasoning sauce to taste

Cook the cubed beef in the water for a few hours until tender. Scoop the meat from the pot and set aside. Save the meat stock.
Make small meatballs from the ground beef. Cook them in the meat stock.
When the meatballs are almost cooked, add the vegetables and cook until tender (approx. 20 mins). Crumple the vermicelli noodles over the pan into small bits. Add the stock cubes and stir until they have disolved. Add the cooked beef cubes and cook for a few more minutes.
Serve with bread (for dipping!) and season to taste with Maggi seasoning sauce.

* contents will vary depending on where you live. The type that I use contains finely chopped leek, carrot, broccoli, white cabbage, selery and cauliflower and is sold in bags of 200-300g depending on the brand.

Tip: the soup is even better the next day when it has thickened...

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