'Forgotten' veggies, what are those exactly??

So-called 'forgotten' vegetables are vegetables that were once very common, but are rarely used nowadays. (although, what is rarely used in some places, might be quite common somewhere else...)

Some examples of forgotten veggies (and this is by no means a complete list):

Parsnip (pastinaak)

Jerusalem artichoke / Topinambur (aardpeer)

(Swiss) Chard (snijbiet)

Black salsify (schorseneren)

Purslane (postelein)

Rettich (rammenas)
similar to the Japanese Daikon

Common Glasswort (zeekraal)

Common Sea-lavender (lamsoor)

Turnip tops / turnip greens (raapstelen)

Turnip (meiraapjes/knolraap)

Swede / rutabaga (koolraap)

Kohlrabi (koolrabi)

Celeriac (knolselderij)

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