Rhubarb pie

Even people who say they don't like rhubarb, will change their mind after tasting this pie...

What you need (24cm pie, 8 slices):
1-1,5 jar rhubarb compote or home-made rhubarb compote
90g crystal sugar
80g white almonds, ground
175g self-rising flour
170g cold butter in cubes
Butter to grease the pie dish
1 egg
1 package of vanilla sugar
1,5 tbsp custard powder
3 tbsp oatmeal
4 tbsp flour
3 tbsp light brown caster sugar

Grease the pie dish. Knead the crystal sugar, ground almonds, self-rising flour, vanilla sugar, 120g butter and the egg into a dough. Roll out and transfer to a 24cm round pie dish. Sprinkle the custard powder onto the dough using a tea strainer and pour in the rhubarb compote.
In a separate bowl, use your fingertips to make a crumble of the oatmeal, flour, caster sugar and remaining butter. Sprinkle on top of the rhubarb. Put the pie into the fridge for approx. 20 mins.
Pre-heat the oven at 180C. Bake the pie for approx. 50mins until the crust is nice and golden.

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